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About Louis Vuitton Outlet

Louis vuitton outlet (LouisVuitton) (August 4, 1821 - February 27, 1892), one of the most outstanding fashion design master in the history of France. In 1854, the LouisVuitton over work in the imperial palace bags, opened in Paris are named after their first suitcase shop. From now on (LV) brand Louis vuitton (LouisVuitton) officially founded. Are affiliated with specially produce top luxury goods Moet Hennessy LouisVuitton group.
More than 150 years, Louis vuitton handbags dominated the world of fashion, a distinctive pattern of "LV" logo intertwined letters Louis vuitton outlet canvas bag, with rich legendary color and become the classic of fashion design of Athens. In the minds of consumers can establish themselves firmly and cannot be replaced in the luxury empire's castle. The world has experienced many changes, and the change of people's pursuit and aesthetic idea, but Louis vuitton not only fame, now holds incomparable charm.
Louis vuitton bags and leather goods in the field of the world's first brand, and become a symbol of high society. In the 21st century, "Louis vuitton" the brand is not only limited to the design and sale of high-grade leather and bags, but to become involved in fashion, decorations, leather shoes, bags, media, wine and other giant in the field of fashion.
LV product line: leather products (including Cheap Louis vuitton handbags, Louis vuitton handbags outlet suitcase, Louis vuitton briefcase, etc.), fashion clothing, Louis vuitton shoes, Louis vuitton watch, fine jewelry, writing supplies and accessories.
LV series: Louis Vuitton Monogram service, Louis vuitton uk Damier Louis Vuitton Suhali sheepskin, Louis Vuitton Epi leather, LV Antigua, LV Cruise, Louis Vuitton Tambour watches, LV Speedy watches, Louis Vuitton Cup watches
Abroad like Louis Vuitton such larger brands, usually so a few points season to design style: the two most important season is Spring, Summer, Spring/Summer, autumn and Winter (Fall/Winter); The secondary one is Summer and Fall (Summer/Pre Fall), Holiday Resort mixes/Holiday. Smaller brands, paragraphs may be summer and fall and holiday to save. General paragraphs spring, summer and autumn/winter concentration released, is a big time fashion week.
Holiday Resort mixes/Holiday) as a transitional series, toward a common design, even more depressing brand, also can add some slightly bright elements inside, to meet the requirements of various Holiday and Party. But as the style, the style of Holiday Resort mixes/Holiday in paragraph are not necessarily new, many of them are the old classic world, to fit in with the Holiday leisure style colors and materials.
Louis Vuitton Resort mixes 2012 design is recommended
This picture is Louis Vuitton UK one of the Resort mixes 2012 early spring vacation series, the series is a female director, Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton women's clothing design director Julie De Libran teamed up to build. "Is the theme of the series of Official Muse", a little hint of luxuriant sense, but more concise style and rich nostalgic atmosphere. You can't think of this series with obvious Louis Vuitton brand, also won't feel like too high above the inaccessible, will only feel elegant woman with a little cute, very comfortable.
Looking for a model figure. Speedy is Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton's perennial best-selling series, but Speedy back method is unitary, carrying only. Many people find this a bit accept incompetence. After all, most of the time don't have time, will want to make a hand to do other things, Speedy can only carrying or holding, not very convenient. But I think it is a characteristic of Speedy, and is not such a tone of the bag.
Now, to balance both sides, Louis Vuitton made a Speedy Bandouliere series, wants to carry a Speedy took to the streets of people should be able to turn out to your satisfaction! But the price of this louis vuitton bags series is really a little blind, originally in addition to add a sash, Speedy Bandouliere with Speedy basically no difference. But with the shoulder strap after the appearance of more than the average price of $300, is a pit dad straps. A few price comparison is as follows: Speedy 30 original price $775, Speedy Bandouliere 30 sells for $1090; Speedy Bandouliere 35 more expensive than Speedy 35 of the 350 dollars.
The ribbon is it really worth so much money? Weigh yourself.
It doesn't matter if you don't admit, Louis Vuitton uk(LV) or highest recognition and now one of the most popular brand of luxury bags. And in the case of Chanel and other brands are greatly increases, while the LV also have some price adjustment, but in some brand or calculate cost performance is quite good. Today I'll introduce a few LV bags under $ten thousand, the style, convenient to buy entry-level luxury MM for reference.
The background of the picture is in Cambodia, that is, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted hometown. In Cambodia a swamp wooden boats, Angelina Jolie is wearing his own clothes, carrying their LV "Alto". Powder, not so quietly looked at the distance.
Throughout the LV advertising, over the years are basically taking luxury line. Since the efferent Angelina Jolie endorsement Louis vuitton outlet speculation has circulated that she will appear in the form of what kind of advertising. The return of such was surprised a lot of people. Whether it's to commemorate the difference in the lives of her trip to Cambodia, or because some promotional brand route changes, I feel this piece of large tracts of the mind that gives a person touches are quite large. Really want to so, quietly sat there silently, is the end of a journey, or louis vuitton sale the beginning of a new journey, don't know.